New Basic Rigging Training session by YMCC in Aqaba.

17/10/2011 00:00

Eng. Yousef Mousa ,the General Manager of YMCC, has completed another Basic Rigging Skills Training session at Aqaba, south of Jordan, for jordanian Contractor MAG Engineering & Contracting. MAG has a partnership with the Dutch contractor - BAM International to build the new Aqaba Container Terminal.

The training session consisted of 2 parts;there was a Theoretical training with videos and slide show at the Safety Hall at the project site. And then the group went outdoors to the job-site where they were instructed about the various types of rigging equipment and load lifting methods.

At the end of training, Eng. Yousef Mousa played a video about crane accidents that made the audience feel how bad it may get when things go wrong!


The Management of MAG were pleased with the performance of Eng. Yousef Mousa and appreciated his influence in making their employees understand the value of safe working and the hazards associated with each lifting process.

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