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20/11/2011 17:33


Beside Crane rental and lifting equipment testing and inspection, YMCC carry out the upgrading and major repairs of the cranes of their dear clients.

KATO KA 300E 01

This time the task was to upgrade an all-terrain crane of type KATO KA-300E.

cracked glass and windscreen were there.

KATO KA 300E 02

The crane arrived to YMCC workshop in a very bad shape.

The crane was abused and nobody cared about its service or maintenance.

KATO KA 300E 03

The oil leaks were everywhere.the Hydraulic oil tank was cracked and oil level was very low.

Tires were in dangerous condition and possible to explode any moment.

damaged and bent panels were everywhere.

front bumper and driver's cabin were struck by the main hook block several times and were pushed inside the crane!

wire ropes had kinks and broken strands near the end of the rope. clamps at the dead end of the wire rope was missing!

safety latch springs were broken. sheaves were damaged.

no records of engine oil change or filters replacement was found but the crane appeared to be having very little maintenance. Repair work started from every part of the crane. Fabricators were on the damaged panels, and rusty windows borders.

fabricating new panels became a must when repair was impossible at certain locations like the front bumper!



after all the bodywork was completed with the new bumper mounted and rusty panels replaced, the crane went to replace the broken windscreen. after that, the crane was sent to the special painting workshop to get the final touch up.

KATO KA 300E 04Yousef Mousa Kato KA 300E 05Yousef Mousa Kato KA 300E 06Yousef Mousa Kato KA 300E 07

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