Top YMCC's in-house repair of the month

05/04/2011 21:36

YMCC performs testing and inspection for all types of lifting equipment in Jordan and the Neighborhood, leaded by the general manager Eng. Yousef Mousa and his son, Eng. Amer Mousa.

In addition to the crane hire, regularly scheduled maintenance and in-house repairs are a must to keep the cranes and equipment in excellent working condition and provide the best service.


However, a recent thorough examination of the crane Grove TM750 revealed a slewing ring complaint and several tests were done before getting to the final decision of dismantling the slew ring. This wasn't an easy job nor an easy step to make, but for safety reasons, the manager decided to go ahead and replace it.

The old slew ring had an excessive wear and repair was expensive and not guaranteed, so a Brand new slew ring was purchased from the UK and mounted on the Grove TM750E to bring it back to its excellent shape. Test and inspection were carried out and the Grove passed the tests and is now back to work.




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