YMCC and Overhead Crane testing in Marka Airport/Jordan.

03/03/2012 12:03

Overhead Crane testing in Marka Airport - Jordan.

Yousef Mousa Crane Co performs overhead crane testing in Marka Airport in Amman-Jordan. The load testing was for a 10 ton overhead crane type KULI and it is owned by the Jordan Aeronautical systems Company, who do the repairs for various types of aircrafts.
The span of the bridge was 55.0m and the dynamic test was done by lifting 5 steel boxes on a skid with a total weight of 10 tons.The second  was the static test and was done by lifting 8 boxes of total weight 12.5ton. The deflection for the girders was measured in both tests.


Yousef Mousa Crane Co maintains the crane testing mission and safety in Jordan.


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