YMCC assists in the expansion project of the New International Airport

29/08/2015 00:00

The new International Airport project in Amman is one of the biggest projects in the city. It required a lot of equipment and cranes utilised included a Demag CC2800 of 600tons capacity to do the heavylifts. 

Yousef Mousa Crane Co. was called in by the supplier of the PBB (Passengers Boarding Bridge) to assist in the lifting and installation of the PBB. The lifted weights varied from small stairways up to the 38tons PBB. The big lifts required 2 cranes, for which YMCC utilised its Tadanofaun ATF80-4 and the Grove TM750E.

Rigging Supervision by Eng. Amer Mousa was essential to Gurantee minimum risk during the tandem lifts. Coordination among both cranes was necessary cause the PBB had glass windows on both sides and in case of any deflection of the bridge all the glass would collapse or break into pieces! 

All the heavy tandem lifts were done by the 50tonner and the 80tonner at approximately 75% of the chart capacity. This was done to keep a high marjin of safety.

The cranes setup and transition from one job site to another was done at high efficiency by the rigging team from YMCC and that made the contractor satisfied with the job and equipment at all times.



At certain stage a third crane, 25t Kato Nk250E was called in to assist during the tandem lifts in fixing the supports.

YMCC also supplied a 7tons forklift and a Mercedes/ Palfinger truck loader for the contractor.



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