YMCC conducts Manlift & forklift operator training at AES - Jordan

14/02/2012 00:00



Eng. Yousef Mousa & Eng. Amer Mousa conducted a training session for a number of employees at AES-Jordan. The training scope was to give the guys a briefing about the basics of operating an articulated jib Manlift & a 3ton diesel powered Forklift, over a two days period.


The group consisted of engineers from the Operation Department & mechanics from the Service Department in Amman East Power Station. The Power Station is due to go through a Shut-Down next month & the management decided that all the people participating at the Shut-down should be able to operate both of the Manlift & Forklift in case of an emergency. For this reason, YMCC was called-in to conduct the training as being a member of the IPAF & LEEA.

The training started with an introduction about the operation of the Manlift & the Hazards involved with working at height, and the necessity of using a safety Harness (safety Belt) when working at heights above 2 meters from the ground level. the training included an explanation about the various functions of the Manlift & the proper method of operation. Following that, the trainees were allowed to operate the Manlift alone with Assistance from Eng. Amer Mousa to show their capabilities & competency. Most of the trainees have operated the Manlift previously but "it was the first time to know that there's an Emergency operation from ground control panel" they said.

The second day included training on the operation of the 3tons forklift. All functions of the forklift were explained for the trainees & they were trained practically to lift a box and lay it on the ground properly.



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