YMCC cooperates with Scholpp

08/10/2012 00:00

YMCC has been assigned the mission of supplying cranes and all required rigging accessories for the New Jordan Press Company project.


The equipment utilised was a 140ton Liebherr LTM1140, an 80ton TadanoFaun ATF80-4, a 50ton Grove TM750E, 30ton Grove TMS250E and an 8axle hydraulic trailer with a powerful prime-mover.

YMCC supplied an 8ton Toyota Forklift to pull the dolly into the hall and also assisted in the pick and carry of some light machines.

Scholpp team consisted of 4 people and they had their special dolly to take all the press machines into the press hall.

The press machines weighed 40tons each and the 50ton Grove crane had to stop too close to keep the lifted load within capacity chart limits!

Scholpp did the job for KBA people who arrived sometime before Scholpp team and will remain in Amman-Jordan for sometime till the comissioning of the new press machines is complete!

The heaviest and biggest load was the Dryer which measured 13000x3500x3500mm and so it was necessary to call for a tandem lift using 2 big cranes with sufficient capacity. here came the roll of the ATF80-4 which arrived to site early on the morning of the lift and was rigged up with full counterweight.

finally the job is completed in a time record with the loading and transporting of 624tons of press machines, and Scholpp people appreciated YMCC efforts in supplying efficient equipment and safe operation.






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