YMCC hosts RUD company in Jordan

02/12/2013 10:00

Yousef Mousa crane company hosted the Training Seminar for RUD company in Amman, Jordan on Monday 2 December' 2013. The Meeting was held at the Regencey Palace hotel in Amman. The training started with a speech by Eng. Yousef Mousa owner of Youseef Mousa Crane Co, where he described the scope of work that YMCC is doing currently in Jordan. Yousef Mousa said that Jordan is facing new challenges in the safe use of lifting equipment and cranes, especially with all the foreign contractors seaking high safety standards for the cranes and qualifications for the operators. He also said that this Seminar comes to show the people involved in the crane industry in Jordan how advanced the technology in Germany became. The technoglogy of chain slings manufactured by RUD are among the best qualities offered on the International Market.


Then Mr. Eberhard Funk from RUD company made a presentation about the products of their company and the advanced techniques utilised in their factories to get a top quality product. Mr. Funk showed a video about te production procedures for their products. The video showed also the heat treatment processes and testing techniques to ensure the final product is within the required strength.

After that, Mr. Funk gave a brief explanation about the safe use methods for Lifting gear, especially chains and their attachments, and discussion built up about the common methods of attaching chain slings to loads and their hazards if attached in a wrong shape.

The guests included owners, representatives and engineers from various crane rental companies and engineering contractors around Jordan. some foreign companies representatives were invited also.


The Seminar included a Business lunch and at the end there were group photos.


At the end,all the guest showed their appreciation for Eng. Yousef Mousa for bringing this opportunity for them to learn something new and meet the RUD company specialists.

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