YMCC lifts Aston-Martin's in Amman

08/08/2017 10:00

Yousef Mousa cranes were called in to assist in the inaugural ceremony for the launch of the ASTON MARTIN dealership in Jordan. The mission should have been easy unless the owners wanted to do something special and here came YMCC's part. The ceremony was to take place at a dinner invitation for the British Ambassador in Amman. The dinner was held at the back yard of the Ambassador's house. There was some old oak trees and a vehicle access was impossible. The owners decided that they should show TWO cars during the dinner and that could only happen by lifting these cars above the walls and the high trees and down on the grass behind the house.


YMCC sent engineer Amer Mousa to inspect the location and the plan was to fabricate a special frame to lift the cars safely by the crane but the time schedule was tight and that plan wouldn't work. Then the idea of lifting the cars inside a 20ft. shipping container would be the safest way. Of course this required a bigger crane due to the increase in weight of the lifted load.


2 ramps were required to drive the cars safely inside the container and here came the 7tons forklift fork-extensions useful. They served as ramps with a proper wood insert fitted beneth in order to keep the driving of the cars smooth at all steps of the loading procedure.


The plan was to use a 50ton crane basically but at a 22m radius, it was even close to the limit with the 80tonner. The necessary permits were obtained to close the roads all night during the first day and the second day. The team went to the work location at midnight and it took about 3 hours to lift both cars and lower them safely inside the Ambassador's garden.


The following night, the same team gathered up at midnight and the cars were taken out of the garden within 2 hours and a half.


The Owners were very happy that niether of the cars was scratched or damaged during the job.

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