YMCC purchases the FIRST Zoomlion 25ton truck crane in JORDAN

01/08/2012 19:50

YMCC has purchased a brand new Zoomlion QY25V532 truck crane. the step came after several discussions with owners of Zoomlion cranes around the world who reccomended the Zoomlion products and technology.


The crane arrived to Aqaba port in Jordan last week and is due to be on duty within the next few weeks. the crane is undergoing the necessary paperwork to go through customs and registration department procedure.


Yousef Mousa says:" it has been a dream for me to order a brand new crane from factory when I started YMCC 29 years ago".

The QY25V532 features a 5 section boom with 39m tip height plus 8m of swingaway flyjib extension. the crane comes with 2 hoist drums as standard and it features Air conditioning for both cabins which makes it preferable for the operator when working in remote zones in the middle of the desert.

The Zoomlion QY25V was brought to Jordan by assistance from their new dealers in Jordan, Odeh Naber & Sons Transport Co. (Nabresco), the biggest crane & heavy transport company in Jordan. Nabesco have a Gottwald AK600 which is the biggest boom truck crane in the Kingdom.

Eng. Amer Mousa & Mr. Samir Naber visited the Zoomlion Science & Industry park in Changsha, China last month to have a look over the full range of products of Zoomlion. They came back with a positive opinion about the factory and the hospitality of the people in China.



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