YMCC's 80ton working at the lowest point on earth!

07/08/2011 00:00

YMCC has acheived a new contract at a shut down project for the Jordan Potas Company. the work scope was to replace some old pipes at the process area located in the Plant near the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth with 420meters below normal sea level!

The crane was rigged with full counterweight because there was some work at big radius and boom was fully out! The weights of the pipes were small and could be easily handled with a small capacity crane but the problem is whether the smaller crane could reach them!

The journey from Amman, the Capital, was hard because the team had to take the crane slowly down the mountains for 35kms and then another 100kms on the east coast of the Dead Sea! return trip had to be done in the evening, after the sunset, when the climate is cool to save the engine from overheating due to the steep road up the mountains back to Amman.

The Job was accomplished in 3 days with 10 hours daily work. The client was pleased with t he Performance of YMCC's ATF80-4 and its crew on the job site.

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