Yousef Mousa Testing the Biggest Crawler Crane in Jordan

08/11/2010 15:38

Eng. Yousef Mousa, manager and owner of Yousef Mousa Cranes Company continues his Crane Testing and Inspection journey, and this time in a different place!  After the great reputation all around Jordan and the neighborhood and his experience in the field since 1970s, he was chosen by one of the companies in Jordan to do the testing and inspection of the biggest Crawler Crane in Jordan, before shipping it from UK.
 Mr Mousa did thorough inspection and load testing of the 135tons Kobelco Crawler Crane in the United Kingdom in spring of 2010. Moreover, his son Eng. Amer Mousa assembled the Kobelco in Jordan based upon his great experience with Crawler cranes, leaving it ready for work.

Eng Yousef Mousa Testing the Kobelco Crawler Crane in UK



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