Yousef Mousa Tests the first CKE2500 in Jordan

09/07/2012 14:51

Yousef Mousa was called in by BAM International to conduct the first Load testing and inspection for their brand new Kobelco CKE2500 coming to Jordan.

Kobelco has sent their specialist to assemble the crane Mr. Shun. the assembly process took 4 days because it was the first time for this crane to be build up and the hot weather interrupted the assembly due to site instruction.

BAM has been contracted the construction of the new Aqaba Port in southern of Jordan. The crane arrived by ship to the company's current premises in Aqaba where it is working on the expansion of the current Aqaba Container Terminal.

The crane was set up with full counterweight and 59.4m of main boom. the auciliary drum was fitted with 13.5ton headache ball and rooster sheave for light weight parts. the maximum lifting capacity of the crane at current configuration is around 50tons. the crane was tested by lifting a piling pipe weighing 40tons.

as soon as the test was finished, the crane was sent to work on the piling and dredging.



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