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Testing cranes in Jordan is not required by the government authorities. However, it is a must for the vast majority of Contractors.

      Yousef Mousa Crane Company is very active in this field, and we are doing tests for mobile cranes, tower cranes, overhead cranes as well as crane operators and riggers. We have a comprehensive set of test loads of different capacities. As we are members of LEEA (the Lifting Equipment Engineer Association - UK), SC&RA (Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association - USA), IPAF (International Powered Access Feder) and Crane Institute of America (CIA - USA), we issue our certificates in accordance with the British Construction regulations 1961 Regulation 28.

      We do test, inspection and certification for a big number of contractors in Jordan, including:

. BAM International - Netherlands.

. NABORS - USA - Gas drilling in AlRechah.

. Morganti.

. Schlumberger - Amman.

. AFCONS - India.

. Consolidated Contractors Company - CCC
. Samra Plant- Wastewater treatment Plant with 68 hoists tested.
. Amman East Power Station- overhead cranes from 6 to 65 tons.
. Aqaba Power Station - 200 ton overhead cranes.
. Hisham Wadi - The Arab Towers Contractors - ATCCO.
. General Enterprises - Damac, Sahara in Dead Sea and Millenium Hotel.

. JOSCO- Jordan Oil Shale Co.
. Jordanian Egyptian Fajr for Natural Gas - Aqaba.
. Abu Saad Contracting Co.
. Nabresco.
. MAG Engineering.
. Hebash Deir Contracting Co.
. Astraco Contractors.
. Nejem Engineering.
. Aqaba Levers - Aqaba.

. ACC - Arab Contracting Company Co. - Abdali.
. Massanat Contracting Company.
. Haddadin Engineering.

. Issa Haddadin Contractors.
. Civil Engineering Co.




        As for testing Overhead Cranes, YousefMousa Crane Co. had done tests for major projects in Jordan, such as:

1. The overhead cranes in Amman East Power Station. The cranes type is "Kone" and capacities range from 6 to 65 tons.

2. The overhead cranes in Aqaba Power Station. The cranes were "Street" and Italian "Mozzate" and capacities range from 10 ton to 200 ton cranes.
3. The Egyptian Natural Gas Station in Aqaba. The cranes were "Italkrane" and capacities from 10 to 12.5 ton.
4. As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant. We have tested 68 hoists and overhead cranes that range from 0.250 ton to 12.5 ton.

Recently, we suprvised a load test for an overhead crane of 200ton capacity in the power station of Aqaba- the only jordanian port on the Red Sea. The overhead was an italian crane from Zerbinati Mozzate Co.
We used for testing the counterweights of a Gottwald 400 ton crane.

Please refer to the Crane Test & Inspection part of the photogallery for more pictures...

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Moreover, we tested the biggest Crawler Crane in Jordan this year. Please refer to the following link to read the article and see the photos.  Yousef Mousa Testing the Biggest Crawler Crane in Jordan

         Testing the Kobelco Crawler Crane before shipping it from UK

- YMCC starts 2012 with a 200 ton Liebherr test at Saudi Arabia's borders, south of Jordan.



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